Monday, May 18, 2015

Diane Cameron--The Cornelia Street Cafe May 25

I am so happy to invite you to join me at a reading in New York City--next Monday night--May 25th. 

I will be at The Cornelia Street Café –a fabulous place to eat and drink, and a generous, welcoming place for writers and performers.

The themes of the night will be cancer and caregiving and relationships and love and sex--(of course sex!) --and Amy Winehouse and romance and life and love and death too. That about covers it. 

Some former classmates from Bennington College will be reading as well--so talent and inspiration galore. I’ll be reading from “Love in the Time of Cancer” and “Looking for Signs” and from the new book in progress—and trying out some goodies that I only dare read in New York City.

If you are in New York please come—I would love to meet you. Tell your friends—it will be such a pleasure to meet Facebook friends and blog followers in three dimensions. I can promise you a lovely summer night.

The evening begins at 6pm.

Cornelia Street Café is at 29 Cornelia Street—between Bleecker & West 4th. The subway stop is West 4th Street.

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