Friday, December 26, 2014

The Cost of Cancer

Money--perhaps the most taboo subject culturally. Yes, we only talk to some friends about our sex life, and maybe with very close friends, we talk about our faith life or our prayer life--that is such intimacy, isn't it? But the thing we share the least? Our financial lives.

Just think about that. Think of three of your really close friends. You may know who is having sex and who isn't anymore, and occasionally who likes what. But do you know how much money your friends make? or their partners make? or how deep their debt is? Who has family help? You might guess at those things but rarely do we know financial details of our friend's lives.

This is also true in CancerLand. And that can be devastating. The cost of cancer  care is steep. Even with insurance the copays can break a family. And when cancer goes on and on--as it does more and more often now--the cost can use all resources including savings and retirement funds.

This is something worth thinking about--and talking about. But you'll see in the attached article that many folks worry about talking about money with their doctors because they fear changes to the quality of their care.

Click on the link below to read more. Share this post with friends who have cancer or who care for those who do. Let's open this last box of secrets in CancerLand. Let's reduce the fear and anxiety around money that is an additional cost and worry.

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