Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More About the Book: AfterShock

A few days ago I wrote about the book, AfterShock by Jessie Gruman, Ph.D. It is such a perfect handbook and bedside/tote bag companion for day one to day 100 of any serious health diagnosis.

If you or a loved one gets bad news about cancer, heart disease, stroke, ALS, MS etc. This might be the best, first thing to read. The first chapter is on shock and can help you normalize—and manage –the unmanageable feelings and crazy thinking.

Each chapter is short—therefore readable by someone in shock or crisis, and her language is straight. She does not use the word “cuddle” once. She explains what to ask the doc, what to ask the nurse, what to ask your family and what to care about and what to ignore in the short run.

AfterShock has a chapter on work: what to say, who to tell, how to proceed with Human Resources, and what your situation may be like from the HR and coworker perspective. It helps to know that.

One of my favorite lists that Gruman includes is the Personal Health Kit. I love seeing this here because it took me a year to get my chemo/caregiver kit just right. This is the bag (shoulder straps please) you will take to every doc appointment, test, chemo visit and lab. In addition to the obvious medical stuff you include your wrapped candy, treats, pens, book, pashmina, cardigan, phone list (better than your phone directory), phone charger, and sunglasses. (Yep, at least once you’ll need the sunglasses and you will have them right there.)

As I mentioned the other day, this is a book to buy and have on hand. If you are over 40 someone you know will get bad medical news this year—friend, neighbor, co-worker, family member. And you will have the perfect thing to give them on their first day of after shock.

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