Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Hysterectomy--Power Morcellator --Concern

Here is some information that I received today that may be a concern for women who have had or might be planning to have a hysterectomy. This was news to me so I wanted to share this with Love in the Time of Cancer readers. Below is a note from Judy Cohen, Outreach Coordinator at The American Recall Center--which provides health and wellness info. Take a look, share this with your friends and talk to your healthcare team. Here is Judy's note:

"Diane, I want to share some information with you that all of our women friends need to know. I'm sure we all know someone who has had a hysterectomy. In recent months, a device commonly used in hysterectomies has come under scrutiny by the FDA. The device is called a 'Power Morcellator', it's used to cut tissue into small pieces to be removed from the body. As if the name didn't sound scary enough, power morcellators have been named responsible for spreading undetected cancer throughout the abdomen and pelvis of women. What's even scarier is that the average life span following accidental morcellation of a cancerous tumor is only 24-36 months. The FDA plans to meet July 10th & 11th to discuss the dangers and future of morcellation procedures. Any type of awareness we can raise about this dangerous device will help put an end to the spread of deadly cancer!

Thanks Diane! I appreciate you helping us spread the word about the dangers of power morcellators.  Judy Cohen."

This is clearly something to pay attention to and to learn more about. 

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