Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weddings and More Weddings

This year we have been so happy to be part of a number of friend's weddings. I think we have been to five weddings since January--each one lovely and special--each with a different style and feel. And each one celebrating the marriage of people we like so much. That is what makes a wedding really fun to attend.

And the dancing of course.

Saturday we were at the Pruyn House for Dan and Libby's wedding and the dancing --and the wedding--was wonderful. It was also a treat to be at the same place that we were married. It's a beautiful historic site in Latham, New York--with a historic house, antique barns, old schoolhouse and stunning gardens. We arrived before the wedding on Saturday so we could have a moment in the old school house where we were married.

Then we watched Dan and Libby be married and we loved watching their families--amazingly blended and reconfigured families that totally inspire belief in second and third acts--and then we danced.

I hope we are invited to lots more weddings just so I can keep dancing with John.

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