Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What About the Doctor?

I have heard so many stories from folks in CancerLand about doctors who disappear when the diagnosis is terminal, or who will not give a terminal diagnosis even when death is just a few days away. And stories of doctors who joke or rush or can't make eye contact with a seriously ill patient. What is that about?

In today's New York Times Jane Brody gives us a sense of what that may be for the physician who is treating someone with cancer. And she introduces us to some new interventions for the doctors--that can help them to cope and to stay emotionally present when cancer and death are near.

Again, the take away for all of us is that some form of meditation really works. It doesn't have to be Buddhist or New Age-ish but it is helpful whether you are the patient or the healer.

Take a look at this article. Here's the link:


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