Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby

Yes, it’s John’s birthday, and instead of getting smaller, his birthday gets bigger and more special. The American Cancer Society has as its tagline the phrase, “The Official Sponsor of Birthdays”. Kudos to whomever wrote that. I hope they got a huge bonus because they nailed the mission and the meaning.

For birthday 61 John gets three celebrations.

Last night was the Big Date Birthday—out to dinner, all dressed up, appetizers, mocktails and even dessert. That’s a splurge for us in dollars and calories. Tonight the small “family” dinner—Dave shares his birthday with Susan so we have a two-fer supper. Home cooking—something for everyone—vegan, sugar-free, sugar-plus, high protein, lo-carb and instead of a cake we have the extraordinary Graetners ice cream. Tomorrow the sexy celebration--behind closed doors—with candlelight and another extraordinary dessert!

Each birthday we celebrate together has that feeling of one step away and one step toward. So it becomes a joy to make them happy and funny and sexy.

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