Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Big C

We are watching the first season of the TV series “The Big C” starring Laura Linney. (Last seen as a family caregiver in “The Savages” with Philip Seymour Hoffman”). The Big C is wonderful, witty and thought provoking. And it hits every stereotype about cancer: the smarmy platitudes, the saccharine support group, the “cancer is a gift” message and the “your anger caused your cancer” craziness. Linney just explores and pushes back in the most wholly human and imperfect ways.

The premise of the show is great: What would you do if you were diagnosed with a late stage cancer and you knew and your doctor knew but there was some delay—weeks? months?--before anyone else knew. In that cocoon of time and spiritual space who would you become? What  would that secret knowledge let you try out before the expectations of “cancer patient” surround you?

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